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If you like animals and perhaps have need to learn about something.

Animal testing.

It happens every day. Animals are tortured and abused in the "name of science", or to make sure your mascara doesn't hurt your eyes. People have been trying to get this stopped for DECADES and it's STILL HAPPENING! You CAN make a difference. YOU can put us one step closer to ending this. I never realized how bad this was until I started researching it. You should, too. Don't turn a blind eye when some animal is being BLINDED! THIS NEEDS TO END!


Now let me ask you: If that was your dog or cat, would you let someone do that to them? Would you? If you are an "animal lover" do you love them enough to try to stop this torture?

Now before anyone jumps on my case and tries to defend this by saying: "We have no other choice but to test on animals. That's the only way we find cures and vaccines for diseases killing people.", let me just ask exactly does blinding a monkey to make sure my Dove soap (and yes Dove tests on animals) doesn't sting my eyes save my life? All it did was keep a monkey from ever seeing ever again. Cosmetic animal testing steals the animal's beauty so people can look better. Dosen't that sound a bit selfish? Ask yourself next time you put on makeup: Is looking nice on date night really worth the innocent lives of constant animals?

And as for medical animal testing, we DO have a choice! There are ALTERNATIVES TODAY that actually WORK BETTER than animal research. Here's proof if you don't believe it:…

Some companies just chose not to use them.

This is a list of known brands that test on animals:…… (2016 update)

Now HERE is a list of brands that DON'T! BUY THESE PRODUCTS!!!…

Every time you buy from a brand of soap that tests on animals, you just paid for an animal to lose its sight permanently. Every time you clean your floor with a cruelty brand you are WORSE than the people testing on them! YOU'RE the one putting money in that scientist's pocket, and putting that animal through a LIVING HELL!

THIS NEEDS TO END! And it starts with you.

If you really love animals, buy cruelty free brands, donate to PETA, do SOMETHING to save these animals who can't speak up for themselves. Be their hero. One person really CAN make a difference. Because that person will start a ripple that will grow bigger, and bigger. Maybe then this can finally stop after years of fighting.

So ask yourself after reading this: Can you really call yourself an animal lover?

Make it end. Save a life. Save humanity.

Repost this if you really do love animals. Make a difference.
This needs to end.

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June 28, 2016


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